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Understanding Crystal Children and Crystal Adults

Crystal Children and Crystal Adults are terms used within the metaphysical community to describe certain individuals who are believed to possess unique spiritual attributes. These terms were primarily coined by Doreen Virtue, a prominent figure in the New Age movement.

Crystal Children Meaning

Crystal Children are believed to be a new generation of highly empathetic and spiritually advanced individuals. They are known for their deep sensitivity, strong intuition, and immense capacity for love and peace. The term 'Crystal' is used to denote their clear, crystal-like auras and their affinity towards crystals and gemstones.

These individuals are often characterized by their calm demeanor, deep spiritual wisdom, and innate healing abilities. They are seen as bringers of peace and harmony, with a strong connection to the Earth and the Universe. Crystal Children are said to be born with a clear sense of their personal mission to bring about positive change and healing.

Identifying Traits of Crystal Children

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Crystal Adults Explanation

Similar to Crystal Children, Crystal Adults are individuals who have undergone a spiritual transformation, resulting in a shift in their energy and consciousness towards a higher vibration. This transformation often involves a profound personal awakening, leading to the development of heightened intuition, empathy, and spiritual awareness.

Crystal Adults are seen as spiritual teachers and healers, guiding others on their spiritual journey. They are often drawn to healing professions such as Reiki, energy healing, crystal therapy, and other forms of holistic healing.

In the following video, 'The Autistic Mystic' shares some typical characteristics of Crystal Adults. This can help you determine whether or not you resonate with the traits of a Crystal Adult.

After understanding the characteristics of Crystal Adults, let's explore the healing properties that these individuals are believed to possess.

Healing Properties of Crystal Children and Adults

Crystal Children and Adults are believed to possess healing properties, much like the crystals they are named after. These individuals are said to have a healing aura that can bring about peace, balance, and positive energy to those around them.

They are often drawn to crystals and gemstones, which they use as tools for healing and spiritual growth. Some of the most common stones associated with Crystal Children and Adults are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz, known for their healing, purifying, and love-enhancing properties respectively.

Common Crystals and their Associated Properties for Crystal Children and Adults

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Final Thoughts

The concepts of Crystal Children and Crystal Adults are undoubtedly intriguing and have offered many individuals a framework for understanding their unique spiritual experiences. Regardless of whether one identifies with these terms or not, the underlying message of love, light, and healing that they carry is universally beneficial.

Remember, the journey of spiritual growth is deeply personal and unique to each individual. Embrace your own path, and let love and light guide your way.

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